High Quality Granite and Marble Slab for GTA Homes

High Quality Granite and Marble Slab for GTA Homes

For centuries, stone has been the symbol for what lasts, for what is solid and unchanging. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why stone is so sought-after for home interiors. A high quality granite and marble slab countertop says that your home is rock solid; granite and marble have a "forever” quality that no manmade material can ever possess. Of course, natural stone is also incredibly beautiful. Each slab of stone is unique; every one is a piece of art by Mother Nature! Add the fact that stone is incredibly practical, and you begin to understand why stone countertops are so very popular. In the GTA, granite and marble slab countertops can be found in virtually every showroom; yet, you could hardly call stone trendy. Granite and marble are, in fact, timeless, having been used in every era since ancient times.  Designers, homebuilders and buyers all love the look, durability and versatility of natural stone.


Granite is the most desired material for countertops today. There are several reasons why people love granite, including:
  • Durability. Granite is one of the hardest substances on Earth, with a Mohs scale rating of 7. This stone will stand up to tough use! Spills are easily wiped up, hot pots and pans pose no problem at all, and you can even cut on a granite countertop. Granite can even be used on outdoor tables or bars.
  • Clean. Granite is easy to clean, with just a damp cloth or a mild soap with water. It has anti-bacterial properties and is a sanitary surface for food.
  • Colour and pattern. High quality granite and marble slab is available in virtually any colour or colour combination. If you want a neutral colour with a subtle pattern, there are plenty of different kinds of granite to meet these criteria. If, on the other hand, you want a vividly coloured piece of stone with dramatic patterning, there will be many granite slabs that match this description too.


Marble is the ultimate in luxury. People choose marble countertops when they want the utmost in elegance. Other reasons to opt for marble include:
  • Classic style. Marble countertops are prevalent in fine homes in Europe. A white marble countertop has come to be associated with the classic kitchen.
  • Light. Marble is unlike any other countertop material in that it has great depth. Light penetrates it and is reflected back, giving it a luminous quality.
  • Added value. More than most features, a marble countertop will add resale value to your property. Research has shown that adding a stone countertop can boost your resale price by thousands of dollars.
Stone slab countertops are beautiful, practical and timeless. If you are interested in adding a marble countertop to your home, the best way to choose one is to visit a distributor’s showroom. The GTA has several high quality marble and granite slab distributors who maintain large showrooms where you can go to discover the range of colours, patterns, prices and finishes that are available to you.
Visit a stone supplier’s showroom today and find the perfect stone for your kitchen countertop!